World Earth Day

World Earth Day

On April 22, since 1970, is celebrated all over the world the World Earth Day, dedicated to the environment and the safeguard of our Planet; an event initially proposed by environmentalists and activists and then sanctioned by the United Nations.

It is an opportunity to take stock of the health of the planet, to ask questions about climate change and air, water and soil pollution and to reflect on the state of the oceans and ecosystems. Draw up a balance sheet on non-renewable energy resources.

But beyond the analysis, now known to most, it's time to act and fast. The now more affordable prices of renewable energy can make it easier to cut emissions. Even faster than assumed.
At the Glasgow Climate Conference, the importance of aiming for +1.5 °C as the maximum threshold for global warming was reaffirmed, a limit that would make the already catastrophic consequences of climate change less irreversible.

For today's occasion of World Earth Day, Google has dedicated the doodle to climate change, which allows you to travel through time and observe (in timelapse) the transformation of the Earth in recent decades.


Exploring Timelapse in Google Earth. 
See humanity’s impact on the Earth through a global time-lapse video of the planet since 1984. 


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