Li.Bo is a company that has been operating for over 30 years in the national and international market of industrial and electro-instrumental supplies, supplier of the biggest companies in the Oil&Gas sector.
This native sector has been successfully joined by the environmental, aqueduct, energy, water purification, pharmaceutical, food, aviation and plant engineering sectors.
It distributes industrial tools and equipment, assists customers with engineering and maintenance services and provides engineering studies and alignments to find the best solution in technical and economic terms.
Mina Service operates in the industrial sector, in particular in the field of the supply of goods (materials, technical articles, equipment and software) and services (engineering, construction, plant engineering, maintenance and training), making use of professionalism and extremely qualified workers, with a consolidated and tested know-how in the specific fields of intervention, in order to guarantee quality and reliability of the service offered. Mina Service uses customized contractual forms and offers administrative and technological consultancy in order to always satisfy the customer in the best possible way, with "turnkey" solutions, guaranteeing full support in all phases of the project.
Si.Re.Gas S.r.l deals with the trade of technical gases, i.e. all the gases useful in the different processes and sectors of industry, mainly used in welding and cutting. 
Si.Re.Gas proposes solutions for the most varied sectors, including: food, metallurgy, Oil&Gas.
The gases distributed are Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium, Argon, Sanrc and Lasersan.


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