RERA (Rete Energetica Risorse Ambientali - Energy Network of Environmental Resources) is a grouping of companies with the common goal of enhancing natural resources and intellectual skills, through technological innovation and circular economy, with the aim of decarbonizing industrial processes and promoting environmental, economic and social sustainability.

RERA provides services and supplies in the fields of energy and natural resources and in the circular and eco-sustainable economy.

The network contract represents a lever to strengthen the cooperation of the supply chain, enhance the territories, promote the growth in size and competitiveness of SMEs and promote economies of scale and synergies for access to finance and investment in innovation and internationalization.

With the network contract, the companies undertake to carry out jointly the economic activities falling within their respective corporate objects, with the aim of increasing the mutual innovative capacity and competitiveness on the market.

RERA promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy.  

With bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar, wind, etc., we intend to pursue sustainable development and access to energy safely, for growth and economic prosperity but with low carbon emissions.

To facilitate dialogue, develop new synergies, share best practices, promote enabling policies and cooperation at international, national and regional level. To design a prosperous future but in tune with mother nature.

"If humanity is to survive, it will need a truly new way of thinking."
Albert Einstein


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