According to the Statute, the Environmental Resources Energy Network has the function of fulfilling the following tasks:
  • Carry out actions of promotion and accreditation of the Network and its participants
  • To supply instrumental services to the respective enterprises, sharing technical tools or other operative structures
  • To promote and develop the relationships of the network with the community, national and local institutions
  • To promote the productive specializations of the network member enterprises
  • To participate to research and innovation programs, in collaboration with Universities and public and private research centers
  • To establish and to favor the attainment of common standards of certification and qualification of the adherent enterprises
  • Promote forms of commercial cooperation among the companies of the network
  • Facilitate the access of the member enterprises to community, national and regional funds
  • To realize proposals of administrative simplification, to submit to the competent institutions
  • To define the training needs of workers and business owners
  • To promote shared forms and modalities of human resources management, with the guarantee of the highest standards of work safety


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