According to the theory of the four natural elements, every substance existing in the microcosm and macrocosm is a composition of: Fire, Air, Water, Earth.

For the ancient Greeks, these elements are the different states of aggregation of matter:
Air - gaseous state
Water - liquid state
Earth - solid state
Fire - burning state

On the balance of the elements depended the life of the human species and the survival of the cosmos.



Vital energy, cosmic breath

The air we breathe and its quality, without which it would not be possible to survive, is one of the fundamental elements for human health.

The air we breathe unfortunately often contains toxic substances with very serious effects. Combustion processes (in their entirety) are at the root of poor air quality, which, however, improves when correct policies are adopted for transport, waste management, etc.



Without water there is no life

Water is the source of life, from the source it turns into a stream, then into a river to the sea. On its way, it overcomes the obstacles it encounters and penetrates the depths of the earth. 

Very important for life, water can also destroy it through natural disasters: floods, tidal waves, etc.. It has been proven that the increase in disasters is due to air pollution and water conditioning imposed by man through the construction of dams, channeling of rivers or barriers along the coasts.



Welcomes life and nourishes it

The earth is the primordial matter, the most important resource. A body made of layers and different fertility. 

Unfortunately, we frequently witness a disrespectful use of the soil, not attributing to it the value of its intrinsic qualities, the value of biodiversity, but denying it and instead framing its value according to what is done or built on it.



Purifying element, principle of energy.

Fire contains within itself the principle of life that originates from its energy. It gives heat but also burns, destroys.

The reserves of traditional energy sources (oil, gas and other fuels) are running out and the overuse of fuels has created problems for the climate. Using renewable energy results in reduced climate-altering emissions, lower energy production costs, and increased employment.


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