Vital energy,
cosmic breath.


Without water,
there is no life.


It welcomes life
and nourishes it.


energy principle.

Energy Network for Environmental Resources


RERA (Rete Energetica Risorse Ambientali - Energy Network of Environmental Resources) is a grouping of companies with the common goal of enhancing natural resources and intellectual skills, through technological innovation and circular economy, with the aim of decarbonizing industrial processes and promoting environmental, economic and social sustainability.



Facilitate dialogue, develop new synergies, share best practices, promote enabling policies and cooperation at international, national and regional levels.
To design a prosperous future but in tune with mother nature.

"If humanity is to survive, it will need a truly new way of thinking."
Albert Einstein


Climate change: what can we do to mitigate it?

The scientific community is concerned about climate change, caused by the increase in the volume of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels, deforestation and some intensive agricultural practices.

To tell the truth, compared to a few decades ago, some progress has been made in the direction of reducing the chemicals that cause the hole in the ozone layer and on the front of energy produced from renewable sources that has been increasing. The level of deforestation has also been kept in check to some extent.
But this is a small contribution, not much else has been done to safeguard our planet.

Another issue is the bio-diversity that is being lost and endangering the environment. Animals, insects, plants and other species found in nature play a vital role in the production of oxygen and the purification of air and water.


CIL in Gela to follow the 3-day States General for the Regeneration of Territories.

It begins tomorrow in Gela, at the Aeschylus Theater, organized by the CFA - Environmental Forensic Chamber, the first of a series of appointments dedicated to confrontation.

Waste Management Europe - Bergamo

Li.Bo, a RERA member company, followed Waste Management Europe in Bergamo with great interest.


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