In Viggiano (PZ) the Mediterranean States General for the Regeneration of Territories.

The event is scheduled, at the Viggiano industrial area, on June 16, 17 and 18, 2022.

Organized by the Environmental Forensic Chamber, Assoil School and Remtech Expo, the event represents the first of a series of highly specialized appointments intended for national and international meeting and discussion, within which to share insights, studies, research, visions, innovations, planning, actions, in the field of regeneration of territories.

Renato Vito Bocca, President of RERA - Rete Energetica Risorse Ambientali (Environmental Resources Energy Network), will follow in presence this important event in order to better grasp all the issues under discussion. The Focus will focus on concretely advancing the idea of establishing a public-private task force.

Basilicata is a central and decisive region in national energy policies, home to two major Oil Centers, one of which is the largest onshore in Europe.

Taking part in the meeting will be Basilicata Region President Vito Bardi, Environment and Energy Councillor Cosimo Latronico, Environmental Forensic Chamber President Cinzia Pasquale, Assoil School President Pasquale Criscuolo, General Manager RemTech Expo Silvia Paparella, ISPRA President Stefano Laporta, and Sole Commissioner for Abusive Landfills Giuseppe Vadalà.



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